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Miami Sports Training, located in the beautiful city of Boca Raton, utilizes the best training facility in the country: The Institute of Human Performance (IHP). IHP is a training facility second to none; it is where the best come to train and professionals come to learn. IHP is the home of Miami Sports Training.

  • 7200 sq ft, packed with the latest in equipment, therapy, training tools for your success
  • IHP-works with equipment and supplement companies in research and development. We are a living example of cutting edge training practices
  • IHP Trains trainers and coaches through coaching education clinics and seminars
  • IHP - trains athletes of all levels: UFC, NFL, NHL, MLB, Olympians; you name it





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"Shantih is a world class strength and conditioning coach. His knowledge and understanding of biomechanics is incredible. Most important, he makes going to the FUN. I am very lucky to be trained by him."
Brian Shechtman
Miami, Florida

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