Inside every athlete is a desire to win, the desire to be the best. Sports training today is so much more important than ever before. Athletes train all year round, many train with personal strength and fitness coaches. Every year, athletes are getting bigger, faster, and stronger. How are you supposed to compete with the elite athletes in your sport?

The answer is simple, if you want to compete with the best, you have to train with the best! South Florida’s top athletes train with us because we guarantee that we can:


Drastically Increase Your Speed and Quickness
Double or Triple Your Strength and Power
Improve Your Skill and Coordination
Master the “Winning Mindset”
Overcome and Prevent Sports Injuries


We take good athletes and made them GREAT athletes! If you are looking to become a serious standout athlete in your sport, you absolutely have to try a personalized sports training session with us.

We have customized workout plans geared towards just about every athlete from boxing to basketball, from running to rowing. We train professional athletes all the way down to high school athletes trying to make the squad or get a scholarship.

Check out more information about our sports specific programs and fill out the form to reserve a free session with our South Florida sports trainers.




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"Shantih is a world class strength and conditioning coach. His knowledge and understanding of biomechanics is incredible. Most important, he makes going to the FUN. I am very lucky to be trained by him."
Brian Shechtman
Miami, Florida

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